Live Online Event

Closing Skills for the Ag Sales Professional

10/04/2017 @ 09:00 AM - CDT
Learn How to Execute the Close on every sales call!

Closing is an art and a skill.

Learn how to master both in this hour full of actions you can use Today in your territory!

 Price $29.99 If you enjoy and find value in my blog articles, trust me that you will get your money's worth in an hour of tactics and tips on Closing the Sale

"Would this sales person please end this conversation.  I've seen enough PowerPoint slides and enough of the brochures already!"  Says your customer to himself

What You’ll Learn on the Webinar

Are You Really Closing every time on every sales call? 
Why you fail to ask for the close and how to never forget it again!
How to form your own natural style of closing!  
The Close starts way before the close!  Learn how to make the close feel right
The Standard formats for a close and the importance of a Call To Action (CTA)
Pitfalls to avoid and how to get out if you just fell in!




09:00 AM - CDT